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Well what have we here!? A sweet little surprise in my DMs is what we have. It may be a smidgen late, but I’ve found a beauty!

There’s something about French dance music that gives me a rush. It’s sexy, it’s well composed and it goes deep.

‘Misunderstood’ is a song by Robert Robert about an intense yet unrequited love. It features Canadian vocalist Anna Majidson, which adds a real romance to the quality but it’s the video that will shock you.

What starts off as a road trip between two gal pals turns into a gruesome love story. It’s a very well devised narrative that is worth the watch, but I might just warn you; the ending is very Shakespeare-esque tragedy.

You’ll never have a cup of tea with your bestie the same way!

In the meantime, if this track tickled your fancy why not have a listen to the full ‘Welcome to Finetown EP’. It dropped over the weekend and it is tasty. It’ll have you well and truly vibing for 10 minutes so press play and get it in your system!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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