US RnB artist Chris Buxton has a new track for us this week called ‘Swerve’, which has him working with Hiko Momoji for his skilled production sound & style, and it’s surely going to get your sexy juices flowing as Chris Buxton tells an all too relatable story about wanting something that you just cannot have.

“Basically it’s a song that drew inspiration from wanting something you can’t have. I feel like as people we have all been in a situation where we liked someone and we’re willing to go through it all to have them. However, this song is about me looking back at the time and wishing that girl would have curved me or (Swerve on me) because she never truly liked me. I was willing to give my all and she was willing to take advantage of that. I fell in love with what we could have been and not who she was.” – Chris Buxton

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