I actually can’t believe we haven’t had a track from Peking Duk and AlunaGeorge yet!? But hot damn have they released a psychedelic banger.

‘Fake Magic’ is anything but fake; it is the realest and most voyeuristic track and video we’ve received from the boys. I’m diggin’ it.

The video was executively produced by Dilly Gent and directed by Ellis Bahl who spoke quite interestingly about the concept behind the video:

“I like mirrors. They’re magic. There’s a person that looks exactly like you standing on the other side! Maybe they’re fake magic, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a whole body of hard science looking at things like photons, and reflection angles, and the cones in your eyes. But maybe not. This video is about mirrors. Mirror images, singing in the mirror, mirrored dancing, mirrored outfits. Oh and speaking of mirrors, the reason Peking Duk are eating soup at the bar is because the idea was inspired by the famous Marx Brothers mirror scene in the movie Duck Soup. That’s why I have them eating soup at the bar; Peking Duk soup!”

Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde are seen fixed on the TV as they watch the exotic Ms AlunaGeorge twirl about looking mighty fine.

“We spoke about the idea of a woman coming into a man’s life and showing him the real magic in this world; an alternative world that is not weighed down by fake highs and material disappointment. I loved this idea. I’ve been that girl occasionally so the lyrics came from a real place,” AlunaGeorge said.

Meanwhile, in the background is a couple of helmeted dudes who we later find out are twins. But pay close attention cause poof, and they’ll be gone before your very eyes!

‘Fake Magic’ is out now on Sony Music.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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