Here’s a nice little mid-week treat.

Newcastle producer Litche (aka one-half of Luunes) has done remix of a track called ‘Rise’ by Melbourne artist Woodes, a beautifully whimsical track that can be found on her debut ‘Bonfire EP’, and my word has he done an impressive job of it – plus it’s his first ever remix!

“Being the first remix I had ever done meant I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I ended up second guessing it for months. But, I felt a lot of emotion in the lyrics and general vibe which really helped me know exactly which direction I would take with the remix,” – Litche

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The ‘Rise’ remix is available everywhere now including Spotify and iTunes / Apple Music, but before you go anywhere let’s revisit Woodes’ original version.

LitcheFacebook Soundcloud Twitter Spotify2    Woodes: Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Spotify2


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