After recently racking-up over 1.6 million Spotify plays for his previous track ‘Drift’, Melbourne artist Benji Lewis is back with another gorgeously emotional love-song that is sure to pull at the heart-strings.

‘For You’ is the next preview of Benji Lewis’ forthcoming second ep ‘Home For Now’, and just like its predecessor it comes from another solid writing session with Mammal Sounds management-buddy Golden Vessel, on just day two of their studio time together, and is inspired by a romantic encounter on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

“It’s written from a very hopeful place, wishing for the best to come of two people being in different places, but wanting to express to the other person how real your feelings are, and how much you want it to work between you and them.”

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‘For You’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music, right alongside the above mentioned ‘Drift’.

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