In August last year I was lucky enough to interview LANY in person before one of their LA College shows. I’ve followed this trio since day one so to be there in the flesh having a laugh with them was just incredible. Cut to six months later and they’re coming to Australia. I am literally that excited! I got to chat with my mate and lead singer Paul Klein about what’s been going on since we last spoke and boy oh boy have LANY been busy!

What’s been going on?! Last we spoke was August 2016!
Oh we’re just crushing it. We’ve been working our asses off, it’s been non stop. We’re in that crunch time now with the album, it feels like 150 loose ends that need to be tied up in three days, so we’re in that moment but it’s a really good place. It’s really exciting and we’re really confident with what we’ve made, where we’re headed and what we’re doing. It’s a whirlwind.

I was very proud when I saw your Instagram post saying that you’d finished your debut album. That is a huge achievement. Did you guys do anything to celebrate that moment?
I got on a plane, had two margaritas on the flight home then I had to go back to work [laughs].

and on january 24, 2017 in nashville, tennessee, LANY finished recording their debut album.

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What can expect from this beautiful piece of work that is about to come out?
I can’t wait to tell you and show it to you. The only song that we’ve already released that will be on the album is ‘ILYSB’. We’ve got heaps of new material and listening back to it I feel like if someone has been a fan of LANY, even for just a little bit, you’re going to see a lot of growth, you’re gonna hear us figure out what we sound like and who we are. The themes that I’m discussing are more grown in a way; I go deeper into emotions and I talk about some shit that sometimes I don’t know if I want to say, but I just went all or nothing. I’m so excited that it’s an album. I can’t wait to sit down and choose the track order because I think there’s a mysterious and beautiful synergy that’s going to take place. The songs are even stronger within the context of each other and that’s what’s so amazing about an album. It all feels interconnected.

You said you’ve gone deeper emotionally. Is that a reflection of what’s been going on in your life over the last five years or six months even?
Yeah. I don’t want to say deeper as in taking a stance on political issues or to challenge the intellectual mind. I mean deeper as in more vulnerable and singing about things that when you listen to it you’re gonna know exactly what I’m talking about. I went for it and I wanted to talk about it. I just want people to listen to this album. I think it’s very important.

I am so happy that you’ve given ‘ILYSB’ new life especially with the video. You’ve got to explain this concept to me because while I love how unexpected it is, why did you do this?
We shot the video almost a year ago to the day and it’s been my precious little secret that we’ve kept in the vault. Even a year ago I realised the enormous power of ‘ILYSB’, and even the global potential it had to be a universal hit and song. I just couldn’t wrap my head around doing a really basic, predictable and normal storyline. I thought the song deserved more than that, I thought we as a band deserved more than that, I thought everybody deserved more than that, so I thought what if we turn this into an absolute psychopathic war of obsession. I am so proud of it, ‘til the day I die I will be. Everybody was like you shouldn’t do this and I was like no, we have to it’s the most important thing we’ve ever done. I’m super proud of that.

I don’t think this song would be what it is now without this video. It encapsulates the mood so perfectly. This is a stamp on the map for you guys. You’ve got a very strong intuition and I’m so glad you stuck with it because this video matters. Right, you’re finally coming to Australia. It’s a very short trip with two shows. Are you going to have some time to explore Australia? Maybe even work with some Aussie artists?
I’m hoping that we have some nights off just to experience it all, go to Bondi be around it, and be with the people. I’m so excited and I say this super humbly but I think there’s more of a fan base in Australia than the three of us realise. We wanted to play an all ages show; people were literally signing a petition. I’m excited about our future in Australia and this first trip will be interesting.

I was surprised to see that after you leave Australia you’re going back to do another European and US tour. What’s the mentality behind this because you boys literally just finished tours in these areas? What did you miss that you gotta go back for?
That was our first time to Europe and we sold out almost every show. I think it’s the time to be on the road and playing shows, especially with ‘ILYSB’ going to radio and the album.

Do you have a release date for the album? When you come here will you be playing the new songs?
I think we will play some new ones and we do have a release date but yeah. Soon [laughs].

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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