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Perth duo Sun City are going to get right under our skin again this week with the third and final single off their forthcoming ‘Daytona EP’, it’s called ‘In My Skin Again’ and it certainly has plenty of warm, feel-good, summertime vibes to go around.

“The lyrics tell the familiar story about that one person who has the ability to cast a hypnotic spell on you – despite all rationality and logic – just at the sight of their face. No matter how much water is under the bridge, it will always be just that; water under the bridge, and then you’re right back there where you started. Which is maybe where you wanted to be anyway.” – Sun City

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‘In My Skin’ is now available now from iTunes & Spotify, along with the other two recently released Daytona EP-tracks, ‘Castaway (ft. Yeo)’ and ‘Wake Up’.

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