words by Alex Milne

Kagu is the new project from the lead singer of (now split) Unearthed High winners, Snackadaktal. In his EP Sean Heathcliff has given fans a delicate, soothing and thoughtful collection of tunes that demonstrate his great promise as a singer/songwriter.

‘Shadow of the Wind’ was the first release for this EP and although it has a slight echo of his high school band, it manages to differentiate from his previous work and establish him as a talented solo artist with a sound that is precise and calming. ‘Human’ has driving bass, clever layers of sound and sophisticated vocals.

The other two songs on the EP are more chilled out and ‘indie folk’ than what one would initially expect, sounding somewhat reminiscent of in the old OC soundtracks.

‘The Misunderstood Judgment of Stones’ is an incredibly mature piece with a lot of heart and soul. It has simple instrumentals, heartfelt vocals and lyrics that resound with emotion. The chorus builds and then falls back to the verse, creating a sense of travelling. The song ends abruptly, leaving you wanting more.

‘Jacob’ is similarly soothing but with a bit more of a beachside feel. Lyrics like “silence will you stay with me, silence will you come and go” are utterly moving.

Overall, the only criticism that I have of this EP is that it has only four songs. I can’t wait to hear more of what Kagu has to offer.

Rating: ★★★★

Kagu is available now from iTunes, and you can catch the man launching the EP in Melbourne and Sydney next month. See all of those details through here.