words by Corey Brown

Synths, drum machines, sample chops; throw them in a blender, and then hurl the contents at mum’s pineapple wallpaper. The result is the vibrant and chaotic mural that is Catlips’ latest EP Casual. However, this isn’t the Perth lady’s first time in the kitchen, having been releasing music since 2012. This time, she’s got the legends at Pilerats Records serving up the goods, and they’re turning a few heads.

We’ve already been acquainted with the contagious bouncing bass line in single ‘Fade’, but what else does the release have to offer? From the creative percussion chops in ‘U1’, to the drowning symphony of ‘Primary’, Casual has the mark of a new sound in Australian house. ‘Banker’ makes you feel like you’re scurrying through a busy Indian market, and ‘Candy Crush’ sounds like LSD for the ears.

Rating: ★★★

You can purchase the EP now via iTunes and stream its first single below.