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Get amongst the deep moody beats and soothing sounds of FFX

Stream 'I Am Karate' by I Am Karate - acid stag

Bounce along to the infectious electro-pop sounds of Swedish duo, I Am Karate

New Single by ceo - 'Kill Count' - acid stag

Sweden’s CEO gives us the first warped/wonky/electro-pop taste of his new album

Sigur Ros - Oveour - New Single - acid stag

Sigur Rós release a brand new single off the back of their 24-hour live streaming tour around Iceland

Death Club 7 - Immortal Peaches [EP Stream] - acid stag

Take a big juicy bite of Death Club 7’s Immortal Peaches

Habits - Reverend Mother (Catlips Remix) [Premiere] - acid stag

Catlips gives us a cool, wonky & weird remix of one of Habits’ debut ep-tracks

Olga Bell - Randomness [New Single] - acid stag

Moscow’s Olga Bell has another track from her new album for us to get our ears around

Peter Bjorn And John - What Yu Talking About? [New Single] - acid stag

Peter Bjorn And John give us the first taste of their upcoming album

Miike Snow - iii [Album Stream] - acid stag

The third studio album by Swedish trio Miike Snow has finally landed

Rainbow Chan - Nest [New Single] - acid stag

The wonderful Rainbow Chan announces debut album and shares its first single

Miike Snow - The Heart Of Me [New Single] - acid stag

Before they roll out their new album next week, Miike Snow give us one more little taste

Nadia Nair - Something Something Something [New Single] - acid stag

Take a listen to the uniquely sweet sounds of Swedish newcomer Nadia Nair

Miike Snow - I Feel The Weight [New Single] - acid stag

Miike Snow give us another preview of their upcoming album

KIll J - Trickle Trickle [New Single] - acid stag

Everyone needs to hear this incredible new single from Danish songstress, KIll J

JJ - Paranoid [New Single] - acid stag

Swedish experimental-pop trio JJ give us another taste of their intriguing sound and style