Immortal Peaches is the debut EP from a newcomer out of Brisbane who goes by the name Death Club 7, who has been crafting quite a unique blend of experimental/alt-electronic music over the last few years, slowly piecing together this emotional debut.

“Immortal Peaches is an introspective analysis of my emotional and mental state over time, and what I perceived as significant aspects of my downfall into and recovery from disorder. The EP is 16-minutes of cognisant self-destruction, as I dismantled every sentiment as it would come to me, molding them into things I could better understand with lyrics and sounds. This enabled me to fully realise my emotions, and return to the most fundamentally human equilibrium: living. In other words, these songs are my Immortal Peaches” – DEATH CLUB 7

promoted by Mammal Sounds  

The Immortal Peaches EP is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.

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