Planningtorock is back with her fourth album which she has titled ‘Powerhouse’, and it is every bit as weird, wonky and awesome as I was expecting and hoping it would be.

‘Powerhouse’ is a celebration of liberation that has Planningtorock consolidating power both personal and artistic across this wonderful 10-track collection of atmospheric dance/queer-pop electronica. It’s also worth noting that one of its tracks, ‘Much To Touch’, was in-fact co-produced by Olof Dreijer of The Knife.

“‘Muchness’ in terms of being told “you’re too much” is something I think about a lot. When I recorded the lyric “Let me know what’s too much for you, and I will give you some more”, I laughed so hard, it was perfect. After I’d written that lyric, the song kinda wrote itself and making a beat was pretty easy, as were the extra instrumental elements. The song didn’t seem to need a bass. I tried a few but they just didn’t work. After I recorded the track I played it to my studio partner and long time friend Olof Dreijer and Olof was like… “Oooooh I like it” and he said he could hear how he could re-interpret my beat live, so he recorded a new beat using the same components but played it live and it sounded so good, the track really came together.” – Planningtorock (via Ransom Note)

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