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ZHU x AlunaGeorge - Automatic - acid stag

This new collab between ZHU and AlunaGeorge works incredibly well

Friday MixTape 252

HIGH VOLTAGE: don’t touch, just dance

Friday MixTape 250 - acid stag

Way more fun than a Rubik’s Cube..

Your Paradise 2015 Line Up - acid stag

Tensnake, Touch Sensitive, What So Not & Yolanda Be Cool are revealed in today’s line-up announcement for Your Paradise 2015

Loframes - 1996 - acid stag

The James Yuill and Franck Russo project, Loframes, serve up another taste of their sound

cln x ZHU - Dayum (DJ Tragic 'Faded' Rework) - acid stag

San Diego newcomer DJ Tragic mashes-up/reworks cln with ZHU, and man does it sound good!

Friday MixTape 218

The picture says it all really

Friday Mixtape 215 - acid stag

Less pants, more dance


acid stag mixtape

I declare this a no pants, all dance weekend

ZHU - Faded - The Remixes [Remix EP Stream] - acid stag

The Magician, ODESZA, TÂCHES, Lido and AMTRAC, all give ZHU a good thrashing

Friday MixTape 187

Q: Who loves the Friday Mixtapes?

A: You do.

Friday MixTape 173

[insert quirky (and preferably sexy) comment here]

Friday MixTape #165

Whenever you get the chance, drop your pants and dance.

Friday MixTape #152

FACT: Friday MixTapes are responsible for 55% of all house-party related injuries.

Friday MixTape #147

FACT: Friday MixTapes are responsible for 40% of all unwanted pregnancies.

Friday MixTape #145

If there ain’t no disco, this ain’t no party.

Vancington - Exclusive Mix

Introducing Vancington, a nu-disco producer from Kentucky who sports a passion for shimmery, poolside jams. He flaunts the breadth of his talent via a mix produced exclusively for Acid Stag.

Friday MixTape #124

Thanks for a great year everyone, now let’s party like it’s 1999!

Friday MixTape #120

Disco is so deep in my daydreams.

Friday MixTape #119

Dine on the synth. Grind to the beat.