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Everyone needs a bit of Young Franco in their lives – he’s also hitting the road with UV Boi in January!

Sidizen King teams up with The Strike for this great little disco/hip-hop/funk tune

Hip-hop meets art-house rock on SiDizen King’s new track with The Moth & The Flame

20 year-old alternative/hip-hop artist CallMeKarizma drops an impressive debut album

SiDizen King teams up with Kolada to rework a No Tv No Radio track into a Steve Urkel tribute

This new track from UV boi featuring EASTGHOST is going to blow you away

Brissy producer Feki takes his sound to all new levels of greatness with this new single

Young Franco announces Aussie tour & shares new single with Blair De Milo

Sable, Montgomery and UV Boi join Star Slinger, Cosmo’s Midnight, Charles Murdoch and Feki at OutsideIn Festival 2015

This new single from EDEN is definitely worthy of a few replays

Sable drops new single and kicks-off new comic series

Producer Twenty9 and Swedish vocalist August Heldt team up for the hot ‘July Notes’ EP

– ★★★☆ by Michael Hutchinson

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featuring: Tora, Miami Horror, Lauryn Hill, The Acid and UV Boi

being remixed by: Daniele Di Martino, Cleopold, Chi Duly, Monopterus and MAD CITY

UV boi teams up with Fionn Richards & Brasstracks for his new single & announces Aussie tour

Young Franco reveals the fourth and final Franco & Friends collaborator, DE$IGNATED