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featuring: Michl, William Bolton, biLLLy & Thomas Azier

It’s Go Time for German electro dudes Digitalism as they prep for the release of their first album in five years

Digitalism give us three new tracks from their first album in five years

Yes, today is a great day for hearing new music from Digitalism

This new track from Pleasure Curses will make you want to get naked and dance

My Tuesday just got even better.

Today we have the world premiere of ‘Eyes In The Dark,’ the latest single from Melbourne newcomers, Winterplan

‘Verwandlung’ is the latest emotionally driven single form Germany’s Thomas Azier

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On the 7th day of Christmas, acid stag gave you disco.

Perth electronic trio Crooked Colours have delivered ‘Moontan Noctornal,’ the first single since the release of 2012’s debut self-titled EP.

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Friday MixTapes are like bananas. You don’t make eye contact when consuming them.

Recorded in an abandoned Soviet factory, Thomas Azier’s new single ‘Ghostcity’ takes you on a journey into the world of futuristic German electronica.