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Sidizen King teams up with The Strike for this great little disco/hip-hop/funk tune

Connecticut newcomers Opia give us another reason why we should be keeping tabs on them

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featuring: Saul Williams, AIR, The Strokes, Beck, Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers and deadmau5

Hip-hop meets art-house rock on SiDizen King’s new track with The Moth & The Flame

featuring: Gold Panda, Junior Boys, Massive Attack, Pantha du Prince, Moderat, RYAL, Monogem, WILDHART, New Order, Saul Williams, Pairanoid, LAFAWNDAH and Hoodlem

Fortunes deliver their crisp RnB flavoured second EP

(★★★★☆ by Max Byrne)

Melbourne duo Fortunes give us another deeply seductive track off their upcoming EP

SiDizen King teams up with Kolada to rework a No Tv No Radio track into a Steve Urkel tribute

Take a listen to the smooth silky sounds of American newcomers, Opia

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featuring: Mt. Si, Hans Island, XAN YOUNG, Saul Williams and Violet Sands