words by Max Byrne

Fortunes have just delivered their second body of work with Jacket EP, following on from their impressive debut, Hoodie EP.

This new collection delivers a similar style to their first, but in a more streamlined fashion. The songs consist of simple synth lines or samples sitting subtly under trap / hip-hop influenced percussion being programmed by producer Barnaby Matthews. On top of these luscious beats Connor McCabe places beautiful RnB flavoured vocals. What sets Fortunes apart from similar alternate RnB artists such as The Weeknd and Majid Jordan is that they don’t hide behind layers of reverb. McCabe puts together the most crisp beautiful harmonies over the really crisp drums and his vocals hit your ears like he’s singing right next to you.

What also makes this EP stand out for me is that some of the melodies and lyrics on these songs feel as if McCabe is just making instinct and thoughtless iPhone recording ideas (rhyming “Justin Bieber” with “now that I need you”), but they’re then carefully and thoughtfully harmonised and processed.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Get Fortunes’ Jacket EP now via Bandcamp, and if you’re in Melbourne, be sure to get along to the EP release party on February 20th at Hugs&Kisses.

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