Hayden James is always a sure thing and this new track ‘Different Worlds’ is just another reminder of how good he really is. 

He’s teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Anabel Englund for her golden vocal sounds, which do work so perfectly well against Hayden’s backdrop of thick housey beats, warbling synths and cosmic atmospherics. 

Now it’s Friday. 

“My latest track, ‘Different Worlds’ with Anabel Englund, feels like ‘Foolproof’ and ‘We Could Be Love’ had a baby. We wrote it last year and had no real plan to release it. I ended up playing it on NYE at a festival, and it kinda went nuts. I sent the crowd’s reaction to Anabel, and here we are.” ~ Hayden James

“‘Different Worlds’ is about a change of heart towards the future you thought was always certain. It’s a gentle way of moving forward and acknowledging differences.” ~ Anabel Englund

out now via: Ultra Records
artist connect: https://haydenjamesmusic.com

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