American multi-instrumentalist/producer Haux has just released a brand-new album titled “Blue Angeles” which is a very enjoyable 12-track collection that has been co-produced by Thomas Bartlett (Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine, Sufjan Stevens), Grammy Award nominee Maxwell Byrne (Golden Vessel, 1tbsp, Mallrat, Cub Sport, Allday, Felivand) and Aug E. Rose. Needless to say he’s got a bit of weight behind this one and it sure does feel like it as well. Each track draws you into its own little world and invites you to explore while you’re serenaded by Haux’s beautifully delicate melodies. 

“This album is about beginning… It’s saying you gotta start somewhere and here’s as good a place as any. I think sometimes in this Hollywood life we live now, in our pursuit of looking good all the time we forget what it means to actually feel good. We distract ourselves with social media, shopping, worrying about the world, to-do lists–you name it, I’ve done it. This album documents the distraction, the slow process of waking up to my life and finally remembering how to feel like myself again. ‘Blue Angeles’ is a reminder to all that everyday is a beautiful place to begin.” ~ Haux

out now via: Ultra Records
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