Trinidadian-born / Sydney-based artist Gold Fang brings the funk and groove across your speakers with a brand new single titled ‘Replay’, a smooth and uplifting single filled with plenty of charisma and swagger to go around through its swift duration.

‘Replay’ basks in a warm glow in its introduction, with a playful groove and sublime bass line setting the tone in the foundations which allows GOLD FANG the ultimate podium to launch his free-flowing melodies that exert a significant level of confidence within their approach. It’s simply impossible not to be bopping and tapping your feet to the infectiousness of the tempo and overall feel within the sun-drenched soundscape on offer.

“Know when when u just wanna keep hearing some shit that make u feel good. Maybe it’s addiction. Idk. Ah Good addiction mahn. Replay. U know maybe a good nite u keep playing in ur head? This song is what that is. I made this song off of a good ass nite. Fly shit. Replay ova and ova again this the song for dat yah mean?” – GOLD FANG

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect:

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