UK producer CHANEY continues to go from strength to strength on each and every release with the release of a brand new dance-floor filler in ‘Always (Me & You)’, a vibrant and lively offering filled with highly spirited instrumentation and captivating grooves that are set to alight clubs and festivals worldwide with its wide-reaching appeal.

It’s almost impossible not to be enticed by the warmth on offer within ‘Always (Me & You)’, with CHANEY ensuring a good time is to be had by all with all the key characteristics of a banger on display in a concise and pumping release. With plenty of uplift on offer within the powerful beats and bass combination setting the tone from the ground floor up, CHANEY elevates the colour in the mix with a plethora of depth in production in the synths compiled that in tandem with the hypnotic vocal sample creates a sense of euphoria through the speakers and in turn gives punters the perfect podium to launch from.

out now via: Perfect Havoc
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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