Finnish Electronic pop outfit Aves look to take fans on a whirlwind of a journey in the form of their brand new album ‘Transformations’, a ten-track release filled with cross-genre brilliance and absolute artistry on display with unique and spell-bounding soundscapes throughout.

‘Transformations’ signifies a period of self-reflection and development not only within the individual members of Aves, but sonically with a level of polish being lathered across the superb production bases on offer with various moments of wonder and awe being achieved throughout. With a mix of electronic and organic instrumentation blending together, Aves ensure plenty of good times are to be had with a real energising output on offer.

“As the album was a long time in the making, all members have experienced considerable personal change. Some have gone through a mental healing process, others have battled addictions, and some have been dealing with the aftermath of significant disclosures.” – Aves

out now via: KIEKU records
artist connect: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook

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