Back in November Danish band WhoMadeWho gave us a new single called ‘Children’ which also came with promise of a whole new album headed out way soon – their 9th studio album in-fact!

This week they are giving another taste of that album with new the soothing sounds of new single ‘Love Will Save Me’ which also features some added vocal work from GRAMMY-nominated Australian artist RY X (also known for his work with The Acid & Howling), who has shared his experience working with the trio in saying;

“It’s a joy to collaborate with artists you connect to and respect, creatively and personally. I have always enjoyed the soundscapes and worlds that WhoMadeWho creates, and am happy this co-creation came to be. When I first heard the beginnings of this song I felt an immediate tinge of nostalgia, something beckoning of times just gone, and I wanted to bring further depth to that sensation of what had barely left the fingertips of my being. ‘Love Will Save Me’ became an unexpected anthem to sing from an eternally tender heart.”

With WhoMadeWho adding;

“Creating this song was magic and almost too easy. The basics were made in split seconds, with quite a lot of vocal parts from our side. Ry then cut it down to two lines, wrote the verses, and added some beautiful harmonies to the chorus. And boom it was done. Wish all music was so easy and fun to make. It was a huge honor to meet Ry X in his home in California and to get to work with him. ‘Love Will Save Me’ ended up as a unified manifest of our common love of music. Materializing the beauty of working together in a world full of intensifying division.”

out now via: The Moment


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