After rounding out 2023 in style with the release of a brand new EP in ‘Amber’ as well as his festival debut at Our:House in Auckland, New Zealand-based producer Late June looks to continue that rapid ascendency into 2024 with his first single of the year in ‘Flaws’.

‘Flaws’ follows the experimental nature of Late June’s approach to his songwriting and production that served as a catalyst for change in 2023, with a shift towards a more deep house influence in the instrumentation compiled all whilst maintaining a sense of tranquility and peacefulness within the luscious soundscape compiled.

“Written after my first international show in Melbourne, I felt like making a song that was so technical, square, warm, melodic and weird that it would bounce around minimally in a club with little to no resistance. Drawing from my experiences of being self conscious I found the “picture perfect” line to be so powerful with a strong kick and bassline.” – Late June

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out now via: Believe
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