German producer BUNT. has shared a new ep with us this week called “Levi Don’t Do It”, which is a highly anticipated eight-track collection of songs that easily fit within that “Fred Again” world, but he is also carving out his own space as he explores a variety progressive house, breakbeat and garage house elements.

“The EP is a life lesson. It‘s a line I’ve heard so often in the last few years. We tried to visualize that in the artwork of how I felt at that time. me on the chair, caught up by the lack of confidence and disbelief in myself. ‘don’t do music cause it’s risky.’ ‘don’t do shows yet, it’s too early,’ ‘don’t try it again, at one point you have to stop.’ but I gladly did and everything worked out so far which I‘m so so so grateful for. I think you can see that happiness and smile on my face at these shows. I‘m just so grateful that I can do this now. From the song “Moment”, embracing the will to live in the moment now – to “Peace in Silence”, a reminder to spend more time with our family and loved ones.” ~ BUNT.

He’s also touring North America & Europe throughout February to May and you can find all those dates here!

out now via: Arista Records
artist connect: Facebook | X | Instagram | Soundcloud | TikTok

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