We’ve been absolutely blessed throughout this year by the boys from SNAKEHIPS dropping hit after hit in the lead up to their debut album ‘never worry’, and this week they’ve continued that strong trend with another scorcher of a release in ‘Bringing Me Home’ which features UK-born, LA-based vocalist LAUREL.

‘Bringing Me Home’ carries a powerful groove throughout its duration, making sure there’s an intoxication about the driving nature of the tempo that is instilled into all within its path. This groove is further accentuated by the cohesive combination of the synths and synth bass creating a thickened catalyst for change within the soundscape, that plays off the captivating melodies of LAUREL which stand incredibly tall amongst the copious amount of depth in production.

“‘Bringing Me Home’ is a tune we made over the summer in Los Angeles. It’s based around this really epic sounding chord progression that we then chopped up for the drop.  The lyrics are about having that one person that is your safe space & the comfort you find in their company. Laurels voice had such a powerful, emotive quality to it & really brought the whole song alive. It’s a kind of uplifting but reflective song for the club.” LAUREL shares “Excited to join my new friends in Snakehips on ‘Bringing Me Home’ – when Oliver and James sent me the track they made I knew instantly I had to sing on it. I recorded the vocals in my treehouse in LA a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier to be ending the year with such an amazing collab!”. – SNAKEHIPS

out now via: Never Worry Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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