The Aston Shuffle is back with a new single this week called ‘oh my god’ and it sure to get the pulse racing with its intense electro-house beats, uplifting atmospherics and hypnotic vocal loops. This is just the sort of song you wanna hear on a Friday. Please don’t ever stop making music Vance!

“‘oh my god’ is the result of me pushing myself to choose sounds and ideas that I wouldn’t normally choose, while still making something that sounded like an Aston Shuffle track. It all started with the vocal, and from there I explored different ways the track could evolve. The track goes on a bit of a journey, but it feels like a quick and intense one, with some big moments and emotion, which I always try to have in everything I make. I’m so happy with how it turned out – it feels fresh but still sounds like me.” ~ The Aston Shuffle

out now via: Only 100s
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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