New Zealand based artist, producer and songwriter Tarn PK continues to mesmerise us with his profound soundscapes through a brand new single ‘Papier-Mâché’, a mellowed out release that delves into a journey of finding your true calling and yourself within the process.

Beginning in a more minimalistic manner, ‘Papier-Mâché’ provides a laid-back feel in the initial stages with the guitars setting a mellowed tone that works in cohesion with those gentle vocals to croon us through the verses. As we progress through, we see the various rises and falls in intensification through an explosiveness in the key moments of the chorus with a focus on distortion and brittleness in the instrumentation that in turn adds plenty of character and grit to the mix.

“The song is reflective of a time in my life where I’d finished University and had to go into the big wide world and haven’t known where to go. It’s generally about feeling directionless and dealing with the pressure of making something of yourself. I recently listened to a good philosophy podcast on ‘achievement culture’ and to me the song resonates a lot along those lines and also with my own feelings of needing to be productive.When writing the song, I wasn’t exactly sure what it all meant but, in the interval, I have placed it where I feel like it sits for me.” – Tarn PK

out now via: Tarn PK
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