Australian producer LUPO.THEBOY warms our hearts with an enlightening piece of electronic bliss in the form of a brand new single titled ‘Echo’, a glowing and atmospheric soundscape filled with deepened grooves and luscious synths that collectively create an inviting mix that will bring you into a greater state of calmness overall.

Beginning in a bright and gentle manner, ‘Echo’ subtly implements the deepened groove into the soundscape in tandem with the angelic vocal sample that in turn drives that swiftness held in the tempo that little bit further. With stunning pads providing a high level of warmth into the soundscape, LUPO.THEBOY ensures that perfect levels of tranquility and uplift are maintained with a careful balance of tranquility and liveliness being maintained throughout the duration of the single.

“I’m a big fan of creating atmospheres in music. Building tracks around wavy pads through creating a tonne of space with limited instruments. Echo Started off as a piano piece I wrote travelling in India. I’d been exploring temples and some rural communities and it amazed me how they filled their spaces with chanting. These huge temples acted as reverb chambers that single voices could fill. So I wanted to make something that sounded equally as wide and large but with really limited recordings. The rest of the track was built around those flowing pads. Echo’s lyrics reflect where I was mentally when I wrote the track, unknowingly at the end of a relationship that I loved but wasn’t working. That old chestnut of holding onto something for just a little too long, when you feel like your attempts to salvage it are nothing but an echo.” – LUPO.THEBOY

out now via: LOVE CLVB
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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