bad tuner is back to get your week started off on the right note with a smashing new single titled ‘could i’, a hypnotic release filled with an addictive kind of groove and plenty of uplift to go around that will immediately lift your spirits upon your first listen.
‘could i’ cements its place in your brain from the word go, with that repetitive vocal hook standing tall in the centre of the mix alongside the rich pianos and buoyant percussive groove on offer setting the tone in tact. bad tuner shows an experimental side to his composition with a slight change of pace in the chorus period with an infusion of electronic influence coming to the forefront through a larger bass presence and more playful groove keeping listeners on their toes with its buoyancy. 
“I started ‘could i’ in London last fall while on a writing trip – I was going through a breakup at the time and was having trouble communicating with the long distance. I was repeating imaginary conversations in my head as a means to get closure and I think the song production / writing reflects that.” ~ bad tuner

out now via: Bang! Jango Records 
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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