What do you get when you combine two of Australia’s most promising artists? You get one of the smoothest and seamless collaborations going around courtesy of Boorloo/Perth’s Jarrod Jeremiah and Naarm/Melbourne’s Holly Hebe and their joint effort ‘Chocolate’, a gentle and easy-going gem filled with uplifting melodies and instrumentation that boosts your mood immediately after the first listen.

It is simply possible not to fall in love with ‘Chocolate’, with its laid-back feel filling up every square inch of the mix and bleeding out nothing but pure joy into your speakers. Through those soothing acoustic guitars and brittle percussive groove, the foundations are well and truly set for the individual brilliance of both Jeremiah and Hebe to charm audiences with their lovely vocals that intertwine with absolute ease and provide some of the most pristine harmonies we’ve heard this year.

out now via: Jarrod Jeremiah
Jarrod Jeremiah: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok
Holly Hebe: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

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