Rounding out a mammoth 2023 which included her Bigsound debut in Brisbane and feature release ‘Divine’, Australian/Mauritian artist Anieszka showcases her absolute best with her brand new single ‘Anomaly’, a groovy number featuring the pristine production of Melbourne-based producer Tentendo for what is a match made in sonic heaven.

‘Anomaly’ sees both artists shine in their own right, with Anieszka‘s absolutely stunning vocals shine incredibly bright with their flawless nature scattered all across Tentendo‘s sublime soundscape filled with a luscious groove and charismatic bass line. When the two artists intertwine in the chorus, we are met with one of the most seamless collaborations we’ve come across this year with an effortlessness on display between the uplift in both the vocals and groove on offer that is as appealing as they come.

‘I’ve never written a song like Anomaly before, where the story evolves as the song progresses. I think it was a really interesting way of encapsulating what a lot of us feel when it comes to a connection. Ultimately, we all want to love and be loved, but we live in a generation where everyone is scared to do exactly that. At the core of it all, when we meet someone and we feel there’s a real connection, we ask ourselves will this person be the one that’s different from all the rest? Will they see this through or ghost me? Are they willing to put the effort in? Do they really see me for who I am? Ultimately, will they be the Anomaly? We will all meet our Anomaly at some point in our life, this song is a reminder to trust in that, and to trust in connection.’ – Anieszka

out now via: Anieszka
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