Over the last few months Australian producer ZUSO has given us three exceptional singles with ‘Higher’, ‘Aurora’ & ‘Miss You’, while also making promise of a whole lot more coming our way very soon.

This week he is making good on that promise as he gives us his latest offering with new single ‘Hold Me’, which is being released via LOVE CLVB

Soothing atmospherics and escapism are two reoccurring themes found in most of ZUSO’s music, and ‘Hold Me’ has both of those things in spades.

“‘Hold Me’ is a smooth breath of fresh air. It’s very cool being able to combine this dnb type sound with my own kind of style and textures.

I wrote the beat quite quickly and then I found the vocal sample in this sample-pack that I remembered using ages ago for one of the first ever demos I made. It just had such a nice chilled and gentle vibe which I really loved. I wanted the song to give off this wholesome calming energy and the ‘Hold Me’ vocal fits that tone perfectly.

 It definitely has the escapism feel to it as well, which is a common theme I base a lot of my music off. I then added some nice emotionally driven chords and pads along with a nice guitar riff just to add to that feeling, and yea hopefully it’s something you can all relate to and enjoy.” ~ ZUSO

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out now via: LOVE CLVB 
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