With global acclaim for their debut self-titled album in 2020, fans have been begging Sydney indie-pop duo Dekleyn (pronounced Decline) for more new music and finally, after months of glimpse the boys provide us with their sophomore album ‘Far From Younger’.

With co-production from Hamish Patrick (Elliot, Greta Ray) and Mark Zito (Fractures), ‘Far From Younger’ sees the duo delve deeper into a more pop-inclined soundscape whilst staying true to their trademark stylings of luscious instrumentation, captivating vocals and emotionally-fuelled lyricism that has garnered significant global attention over the years.

Along with the album comes the focus track in ‘Same Old Story’, an upbeat and lively offering that encompasses all the great things about dekleyn’s ever-growing production prowess while delving into a very interpersonal tale within a relationship.

Dekleyn will be launching their album ‘Far From Younger’ on Saturday October 21st at The Lady Hampshire in Sydney with Late June (NZ) and Sammi Constantine supporting. Tickets are available here.

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