Night Tales have teamed up with Champion DI to provide us with a lively way to start our weeks off right with their new single ‘Work It Out’, an uptempo mover filled with captivating vocals and enticing instrumentation that encompasses a significant amount of groove whilst providing emotionally-fuelled lyricism.

‘Work It Out’ centres itself around a concise groove in the backdrop that lays down the foundations for the electronic influence to come to the forefront with an abundance of synths and pads providing plenty of texture to the soundscape, which is topped off with gentle melodies that float majestically across the top of the production.

Our aim has always been to push the boundaries of electronica, and with ‘Work It Out,’ we hope to offer our fans a unique soundscape that spans from high-energy beats to introspective rhythms, encapsulating the very essence of Night Tales.” – Night Tales

out now via: Empire
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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