Los Angeles based duo Good Rzn bring forth quite an impressive blend of striking instrumentation and captivating melodies in their debut EP ‘Falling In Slow Motion’, a five-track EP filled with buzzing guitars and electronic influence that creates a moving soundscape that is elevated further by those divine vocals on offer.

‘Falling In Slow Motion’ sees the duo further develop their sound centred around a clear focus on captivating guitars melding in with absolute ease to the electronic influence held in the mix, all while vocalist/songwriter Josie Molasky stunning vocals shine so bright. When these elements are intertwined, we are met with a pristine soundscape that you can easily find yourself lost within its beauty.

“We wanted this collection of music to represent a specific time period of our artistic journey. We’ve had a lot of amazing moments, but there were also struggles along the way. The creation of these pieces helped us find peace in expressing ourselves and hope it might do the same for our listeners.” – Good Rzn

out now via: Good Rzn
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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