Beaks is a new project from Vienna-based artist/model Anna Francesca, who has been writing her whole life but has only recently discovered a way of sharing those words through songs. 

A few months ago Anna teamed up with Australian label Sumoclic (which is owned & operated by Akurei & 1tbsp / Golden Vessel) and together they began working on her debut release. The first ever Beaks single ‘i dropped a bottle’ was released back in September and it was met with much praise and attention from across the globe.

Today we are very lucky to premiere Anna’s debut ep “Crosswalk”, which features the above mentioned single, alongside another recently released track called ‘the unreliable narrator’, and there’s also the previously unheard title-track ‘Crosswalk’. I gotta say there is something so very special about each of these songs, the stories she tells through her lyricism are super engaging and honestly make you feel like you’re right there with her as they unfold.   

We also jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions…

How did you come to start making music?
I have been writing for my whole life but never found the right way to make my writing accessible for others. A lot just sat in my drawers for years. Then I met Matthias, we became very good friends. Our first songs just happened when we were hanging out and I think that’s when I realized how I can finally use my writing in a way that makes it possible for others to experience it the way I had in mind. 

How did you decide upon these songs for your first EP and what do they mean to you?
These are the very first tracks I have ever done so to me they are very special. There’s a lot of emotional stuff packed into the lyrics, changes, loss, new paths, but I also love to tell stories and just make things up for fun, and that’s how you got the unreliable narrator. 

Your lyricism is what comes through most strongly on this EP, what has influenced the way you write?
Most of the time it comes to me very naturally, things are in my head and I have to get them out. I read a lot as a child, like loads. When I grew up I started to write a diary and got into poetry and spoken word stuff, like the Beats generation. At some point I discovered the album An American Prayer by Jim Morrison and the Doors and I think that was the first time I understood that poetry isn’t limited to paperbacks and diaries, it fascinated me a lot.

How is the creative scene in Vienna?
The group of people I’m surrounded by in Vienna is very special and absolutely beautifully great. There’s so much mutual support, positive energy and motivation, everyone is working really hard whilst also having a good time because we love each other and hang out together anyways. 

We saw you recently played your first show in Tokyo, how was that and what can we expect for what’s next?
Dreamlike describes it the best I think. I released one song and played a show with ten unreleased ones in Tokyo three weeks later, I’m still convinced all of this is just a dream. 

°°Currently working on my second EP :-))°°

out now via: Sumoclic
artist connect: Instagram

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