Wales-born Manchester-based Posh Chocolates has delivered the ultimate level up of a track to get your week started just right with a brand new single ‘Weird & Bizarre’, an upbeat and confident release filled with groove and charisma that’ll appeal to the masses immediately.

‘Weird & Bizarre’ accentuates a hefty amount of swagger in its approach, utilising a variety of cross-genre brilliance in its approach to provide a quirky and lively soundscape for which the commanding vocals can launch from and demand your attention with their manipulation. 

“Having ADHD is like having a miniature devil in your head playing puppet master at all times tempting you to do the most inappropriate thing possible at every given moment. “Weird and “Bizarre” is the sound of this little devil personified. The moment the hook “social standards get the best of me” came to me I was gassed that I could articulate such a universal feeling that I’m sure everyone relates to. I wanted to make a piece of music in the voice of the goblin that is gripping imposter syndrome by the nuts, “giving it the rocket fuel”, and owning the situation.” – Posh Chocolates

out now via: GODMODE
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