I am a huge fan of New Zealand crew LEISURE, I probably listen to their 2021 album “Sunsetter” a few times every week, and the other two albums – “Twister (2019)” & “LEISURE (2016)” – also get some solid spins when I get sucked into that smooth R&B/soul flow.

I’ve been so excited for their new album to arrive and today is the day; “Leisurevision” is a generous 12-track collection of songs which is said to “navigate the human experience, and all the hope, joy, chaos and euphoria it entails, while displaying themes of growth, renewal, and rebirth, and embodying balance, peace and tranquility.”

They’ve also got a bunch of shows happening across new Zealand, North America and Australia throughout October/December – check those dates below and then click here for ticketing info

out now via: LEISURE
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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