New Zealand-based producer Late June continues to explore the deep house influence whilst staying true to his chilled electronic roots with another new single titled ‘Live A Little’, the latest glimpse of a forthcoming LP titled ‘Amber’ which is due for release in November of this year.

With an infectious vocal hook immediately being stuck in your head, ‘Live A Little’ makes its core mission to get you on the dance floor with its thumping beats and buzzing synths creating a thick wall of sound for all punters to immerse themselves within. Maintaining that deep house approach which has become apparent in his recent releases, Late June contrasts the uplifting soundscape with a personal ode to living life in the moment.

“Live A Little is about throwing caution to the wind and enjoying life. Live A Little for me has been a way to express the need to get over anxiety and just try to be a more confident version of yourself.” – Late June

Melbourne fans can check out Late June live supporting Edapollo as part of his ‘Technicolour Places’ launch at The Evelyn Hotel on Friday 15th September alongside PINES. Tickets are on sale now and you can grab yours here.

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out now via: Believe
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