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Australian artist Dann Dib serves up a smooth and bubbly new single titled ‘TWIX’ that encompasses a significant amount of groove and swagger through a pristine soundscape that shines and sparkles incredibly bright throughout its duration.

‘TWIX’ achieves a carefree and laid-back demeanour from the second it begins, achieved mainly through a relaxed approach to the shiny guitars that set the tone before the groove makes its presence known. With a sublime bass line providing a significant amount of character to the mix, Dib elevates the welcoming mix through crunchy percussion and atmospheric pads creating quite an calming presence for all us to bask within.

I’ve recently been working with a Producer named Fred Irie Beats. He’s style has motivated me to experiment with my own, which has resulted in bringing this new super funky track. I love making music that makes people feel good, or want to dance… So I hope people can feel that when they hear it for the first time! ” – Dann Dib

out now via: Stereofox
artist connect: Twitter | Instagram

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