With news of an indefinite hiatus after 7 years of releasing music, Australian duo Lamalo have given fans a small glimpse of what’s to come as they prepare to say goodbye with the release of ‘The Planets Part 1’, a three-track release filled with their genre-bending best that sees the duo continue to push the boundaries of contemporary music.

‘The Planets Part 1’ sees Lamalo do what they do best in blending various realms of music with absolute ease to unearth a truly unique and spellbinding experience for all within their path. With a blend of luscious guitars intertwining with an array of keys and pads, Lamalo find a way in each of the individual tracks on offer to transport listeners into a whole new world filled with wonder and awe with every moving second.

out now via: Lamalo
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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