Brazilian producer Bhaskar and West London-based duo JADED have combined their talents for an absolute scorcher of a release that unearths a considerable amount of drive and passion in their collaborative effort titled ‘When I See It’, featuring The Vic that is sure to an instant addition to any club-inspired playlist going around.

In the initial stages of the release, ‘When I See It’ centres itself around a strengthened backbone of a robust synth bass and thumping percussive groove that enforces plenty of strength and depth into the foundations of the mix. With these foundations, plenty of space is left for the spoken word style melodies comes to the forefront and commands your attention as a result of the room within the soundscape. This then leads us to a empowered drop filled with plenty of movement and power to take us forward into a lively dance bracket that you just need to be a part of.

“This song is all about that undeniable feeling you experience with other people that doesn’t require a description, it’s an understanding that whatever this sound is we are experiencing together is hitting all the right emotions and feelings and is just right! We all felt this very quickly when things started cooking up with Bhaskar in our West London studio! The Vic’s undeniable vocal really delivers this one straight into the cosmos.” – JADED

out now via: Controversia Records
Bhaskar: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 
JADED: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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