Over the last few months Australian producer ZUSO has given us two exceptional ZUSO singles with ‘Higher’ and ‘Aurora’, while also making promise of a bunch of new music coming our way very soon.

He’s making good on that promise this week with his latest offering titled ‘Miss You’ which is a beautifully hypnotic and mesmerising track with its pulsing beat, echoing synths and its ethereal atmospherics.

As he reveals below, this song was inspired by a song called “These Things Will Come To Be” by DJ Seinfeld, and when listening to that one again you can certainly hear the deep connection.

“Miss You’ is a deep reflective song. It was inspired by Dj Seinfeld’s song ‘These things will come to be’ that’s where the idea for the voicemail recording or sample came from, and it really adds a nice depth and layer to the mix. I wrote this record with the intention of being soulful and deep hitting, for those late-night drives or thought’s that we all experience, ‘Miss You’ fits that tone perfectly. With its dreamy and hypnotic groove, it’s a song that you can easily get lost in and I hope it’s something you all enjoy ” ~ ZUSO

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out now via: ZUSO 
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