Tiga and Hudson Mohawke have a little side-project called LMZ and today they have a new single to share with us titled ‘Feel The Rush’, which also has them teaming up with Channel Tres, and yes, it is just as good as you’re expecting it to be.

They’ve captured Channel Tres’ soothing voice so perfectly well, and that hypnotic pulse just seems to draw you all the way in with an effortless ease. 

As Tiga reveals below this is just a small tase of things to come….

““I never been the one to brag, but…(couldn’t have said it better myself) 😉 The best part of this whole enterprise is making music, and over the last few years, all thru the pandemic and all the crazy ups and downs, ross (@hudmo) and I made LOADS of music. It was one of the silver linings. Finally it’s all ready to be released, and it feels so good!

First up is this house track- started as just a little instrumental we had, that @channeltres felt the melodic groove in and decided to write a whole song on top. It slams. Full party track live. LMZ is the only time I get to chill and have other people pick up the mic and it’s a nice change for me. I don’t have to think. Hope you all love it, feel the RUSH and get ready for the album.” ~ Tiga (via Instagram)

out now via: GODMODE

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