Lovers of funky Disco House rejoice as Euro giants Caius and Redondo have teamed up to unleash their retro-tinged dancefloor banger ‘The One You Love’. Mixing together both their love and knack for crafting feel-good electronic anthems, this newest cut balances the euphoria of disco sounds with a touch of melancholy to create a deeper listening experience.

On creating the track Caius shares; “Ever since I first started producing electronic music, I’ve been really fascinated with these few timeless French Touch tracks that we all love. Tracks such as Music Sounds Better With You, You Are My High and Lady (Hear Me Tonight). They have a very special balance between melancholia and happiness, which I’ve had a hard time to fully wrap my head around even after listening to them 1000 times. 
Through the years, I’ve tried to catch that same feeling over and over again, but always failed somehow. So when Redondo showed me this short loop that became the sample for “The One You Love” I instantly knew something was up as I recognized this old “melancholic happy” feeling. I knew we had to give it our best. Maybe this was our one chance to bring back that feeling. If it ended up working out for us, I still don’t know. But I do know I really like the final track.“ ~ Caius

out now via: Caius
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