With a plethora of new music already under her belt which includes collaborations with the likes of Chris Lake and Skrillex, Aluna continues to prove why she is one of the leading artists in the electronic space with the release of her new album ‘MYCELiUM’, a fourteen-track offering that enlists a mammoth collaborator list all while showcase the absolute best of Aluna.

Featuring the likes of Tchami, KOOLDRINKRoofeeoPabllo Vittar, Picard Brothers, TSHAChris Lake, MNEK and many more, ‘MYCELiUM’ showcases the versatility of Aluna that has made her the household name she is today that gives a little something for everyone no matter what their music taste it to bask within. With elements of electronic, pop and dance scattered across the track list, Aluna delivers some of the post pristine production intertwined with astonishing vocals that will leave this on repeat for the long term.

““The Mycelium is the cell network seeped into the fabric of nature. I’m not talking about the bloom or the fruits. You need to lay the groundwork to see the fruit one day. I got burnt out from trying to work with powerful people who have lots of money and no actual genuine care for what I’m trying to do. I realized there was no foundation where I was standing, and we have to build our own foundation. It’s not going to be all bells and whistles; it’s going to be substance. So, I broke some barriers and started mentoring creative fans. I built a community of Black Ravers on Geneva and by joining groups on Instagram and social media. Now, the album is my community I’ve created.” ~ Aluna

out now via: Mad Decent
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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