ARIA-nominated, Australian artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alice Ivy returns to our hearts with not only a smashing new single in ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’ alongside none other than Mayer Hawthorne but news of her third studio album ‘Do What Makes You Happy’ which is part of her newly inked signing to Helix Records.

‘Howlin’ At The Moon’ gives listeners plenty of goodness across its duration, with plenty of infectious groove smacking you across the face within its percussion compiled as well as a sublime bass which further accentuates the charismatic nature on offer in the core of the release. With both artists vocals playing off of each other and adding further depth to the already jam-packed mix, ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’ gives us the perfect level up we need to start the week.

“It’s honestly been a dream of mine to work with him. Mayer and I were both writing in New York last year and Mayer had a last minute cancellation so we jumped in together! Howlin’ came about in just a few hours. I was internally losing my shit as soon as he started putting his vocals down. What you hear on the track are all first takes! Absolutely flawless. Hands down one of my favourite collaborations of all time.” – Alice Ivy

Stream via: Helix Records
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