Over the last couple of months Australian producer Ukiyo has given us a few very cool new singles which had me thinking there might be an album or ep on the way, and I’m happy to say that has been confirmed with the release of his latest single ‘Through My Teeth’. 

Ukiyo will be giving us a seven-track ep on June 16th titled “The Friends You Made Along The Way” and it will feature his recent singles ‘ctrl alt delete’ & ‘Slow Motion’, alongside ‘Through My Teeth’ which features the golden voice of Boston singer-songwriter Emilia Ali. It also comes with a cool music video which Ukiyo co-directed with Jarrad Levy and he reveals below that it is in-fact a prequel to the ‘ctrl alt delete’ music video… 

“Through My Teeth is all about being with someone you can’t convince yourself that you’re in love with anymore.  I really loved that concept because I feel like that can apply to so many people for so many different reasons. 

For the music video, we really wanted to keep exploring the lives of the characters in ctrl alt delete, so making this a prequel and exploring the things that led up to that music video felt like a perfect way to do that.

The making of this video was absolute mayhem with both Jarrad and I right in the middle of moving to the east coast, tight actor schedules, & a shoot right as ctrl alt delete was released.  I really can’t throw enough love at the actors, crew, & especially Jarrad for pushing through those circumstances & making the vision come to life. A huge inspiration for us was the Italian horror film ‘Suspria’ which was equally hectic by all accounts so we really took the limitations on as positive creative limitations and came together as a team finding solutions and ended up with a bunch of ideas we’d never have thought of in other circumstances.” ~ Ukiyo

out now via: Island Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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