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Grammy-nominated Nigerian dance-pop vocalist Kah-Lo brings forth one of the most catchy singles we’ve come across this year in the form of her new single ‘Karma’, a groovy number filled with upbeat foundations and free-flowing melodies that will get you up and about immediately.

‘Karma’ captivates the listener immediately with the key components of a silky-smooth synth bass line coupled with the lively percussion that sets the tone for Kah-Lo‘s engaging vocals that melt through the mix like butter. With the insertions of synths in the choruses, ‘Karma’ provides a vibrancy and buoyancy in its duration that you just can’t get enough of.

‘Karma’ is a song I wrote when I was trying to channel my negative emotions into fun pop songs. I uncovered in therapy that perhaps I was the toxic one in a romantic situation and I decided to make a campy dramatic time accepting that I got what I deserved – to be walked out on”. – Kah-Lo

out now via: Epic Records
artist connect: Facebook l Twitter l Instagram l TikTok l Spotify l Soundcloud

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